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I recently sold a Gehan home as a real estate professional in Inverness Estates. I wanted to take a moment to express what a pleasure it was to work with Kenny Lavender. He was very patient with my buyers and was able to address all of their concerns. My first time home buyers were very nervous about building a brand new home and had a lot of concerns about construction. Questions like: quality, process, timing, and overall experience. Kenny and... Read more

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I have sold several of their homes across the metroplex. All of my clients have been extremely happy with their home. Bill Nelson Broker/Your Home Free

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Gehan Homes says that they use tankless water heaters and there not. There 1 of the very few builders still using a 50 gallon tank water heater that's in your garage. They say that they're using a 16 SEER a/c unit and there not. It's a 16 rated unit. So, it's still a 14 SEER unit with a 16 SEER condenser. That means that they can get away with saying there using a 16 SEER A/C unit. A horrible builder an they treat there employees like ***. I... Read more

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I have been working with Gehan homes in Houston tx for a while now and I have recently had a meeting with the lady who is in charge of the payments for the contractors and she has had an untorable attitude. She stated that she's going to pay what she wants and she doesn't care what contractors and builders struggle through. I tried to explain why I need my payments and she simply said she didn't care and she can do what ever she wants. I have... Read more

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After completion, and prior to closing we met, in the 'new' property, to go over the 'Homeowner Warranty' info. Basically, we were told Gehan is the BUILDER; if you have a problem with this call so-and-so; if you have a problem with XYZ, call ABC, etc....I thot....'WHOA....this is a 'NEW' home; why should I have trouble with ANYTHING??' I told Gehan I MUST get the place inspected BEFORE the closing; the inspector found SO MANY deficiencies,... Read more

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We bought our home in the Westwood development, we bought the beams in our new home based on what we bought by seeing the upgrade in the model, it was stained and varnished pine but we got rough cedar. The builder chooses to ignore this matter. The home was very dirty when we took possession and the quality of workmanship is sub-par. The painters and drywall crews did a sub-par job as a matter of fact the whole house is sub-par. I put signs up... Read more

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We moved in our home in Robinson Ridge in 2015. I have photos during the building process, emails of concerns and empty promises received. We were charged for upgrades that they failed to provide. I have dealt with 4 people from warranty, 3 building managers, 4 people sent out by carpet company with absolutely no resolution or plans to implement. Warranty company tells me not their issue that "Gehan" is responsible party. Have now been... Read more

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I purchased my very first home three years ago from Gehan Homes in McKinney - Robinson Ridge Phase 1. They are wonderful during the sale but after sale is simply terrible. I actually filed a BBB complaint against them and will be doing so again today. They change construction superintendents like some people change their clothes due to the number of complaints they receive. My home I believe has serious foundation issues and prior to my year... Read more

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Tried to purchase a Gehan home at $319,990 once we showed interest they bumped up the price 10K and try to say its because of demand and low supply. Its just them trying to get you to over pay for their *** product. They also said i HAD to use their lender because all their appraisal people are bought to appraise high as the price is. They also wanted me to give $5000 of earnest money instead of $3500 so they can guarantee me that i will get the... Read more

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My experience with Gehan homes was a nightmare, they not only sold our house our house right out from under us for a lot more money, over 35,000 more and will not give our earnest of 3,000 back. The workmanship was awful and cheap Material was used. We were so disappointed with the whole thing.

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