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We moved in our home in Robinson Ridge in 2015. I have photos during the building process, emails of concerns and empty promises received. We were charged for upgrades that they failed to provide. I have dealt with 4 people from warranty, 3 building managers, 4 people sent out by carpet company with absolutely no resolution or plans to implement. Warranty company tells me not their issue that "Gehan" is responsible party. Have now been... Read more

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I purchased my very first home three years ago from Gehan Homes in McKinney - Robinson Ridge Phase 1. They are wonderful during the sale but after sale is simply terrible. I actually filed a BBB complaint against them and will be doing so again today. They change construction superintendents like some people change their clothes due to the number of complaints they receive. My home I believe has serious foundation issues and prior to my year... Read more

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Tried to purchase a Gehan home at $319,990 once we showed interest they bumped up the price 10K and try to say its because of demand and low supply. Its just them trying to get you to over pay for their *** product. They also said i HAD to use their lender because all their appraisal people are bought to appraise high as the price is. They also wanted me to give $5000 of earnest money instead of $3500 so they can guarantee me that i will get the... Read more

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My experience with Gehan homes was a nightmare, they not only sold our house our house right out from under us for a lot more money, over 35,000 more and will not give our earnest of 3,000 back. The workmanship was awful and cheap Material was used. We were so disappointed with the whole thing.

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My fiance and i just bought a gehan home, have been living there 2 months, and have had 2 service calls. One of them is due to breakers tripping on the first floor, which we are currently trying to resolve. The whole process of buying was very deceptive, they dont return calls and was a horrible experience for us. Read more

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Gehan Homes sucks *** and I never disliked any other company than this one. *** you Gehan

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Our Gehan Home is less than 4 years old. The windows Gehan installs are made of the cheapest materials. The glass is micro-thin (you will hear everything and heating/cooling is nono-exisitent) and the vinyl framing is already breaking down. BUT even worse is we have 3 windows which are leaking into the house. Our sheetrock is falling off the walls (pics attached - now are even worse). We’ve tried to contact Gehan; good luck. Calls go... Read more

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This is a great write-up as I was looking to have a home built by Gehan. My co-worker is not satisfied as he had one built and has many problems. It is ashamed that the San Antonio Builders Association has not put this builder on notice with the community. It seems as if they are on the same level as KB Homes on quality. Recently while in Houston I picked up one of their price item list on a home we were consider building in San Antonio. The... Read more

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I live in Arlington, Tx and built a house in the South Arlington area and have had issues with cracks in my walls just like everyone else. I have contacted them to come and look at my foundation, although they have came I received no answer on whether it was foundation issues or not. Every house around me is being fixed for foundation issues yet I was left out some how. Where my brick sits on the foundation doesn't look right, I have a loose... Read more

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Bought home in Inverness Estates and within 2 months they had to tunnel 20 feet under our home to repair a plumbing issue that I had pointed out BEFORE committing to buying the house. I was told they checked it before closing and the plumbing was fine. We were also told nothing could be ever be built in the empty seven acre field behind our house due to airspace for Hooks Airport. This was a deciding factor in our buying the house but it was... Read more

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