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We didn't get the home and lost $3500 deposit. The lady threw numbers at us and told us our mortgage with taxes and such included would be $1800 and that was the high side because they "don't like their customers to be surprised!" We got approved and after a few months they said it would be $2300 and could potentially go up! I wrote them asking how we could get approved for that amount because we couldn't afford it. I even wrote out all our... Read more

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They will NOT fix any warranty items. In fact they will ignore you on the 11 month walk thru even though you had submitted multiple items to be fixed. They DO NOT follow the plans, our house had USED lumber we watched the framers pull the nails out of it. Our Electric is ***. We paid their outrageous price for upgraded appliances. They put in the cheapest dishwasher they could find. it has been 13 months I have had 3 service calls. it... Read more

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Liars & Thieves! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Sold me a home that didn't fit on a lot... Multiple errors! No call backs from corporate office in regards to errors and would not refund a dime of my $15,000 when house was cancelled due to THEIR mistakes! DO NOT BUILD WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!

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I have been a real estate agent for 25+ years, have personally built homes for resale and have dealt with many builders. We contracted with Gehan homes to build a "dream home" for ourselves last November for completion this spring. By far, it was one of the worst building experiences I have had with numerous mistakes along the way. After closing, the follow up with warranty work is poor and you have to call numerous times. We are still... Read more

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I am glad I did not complete the purchase we had contracted with Gehan in Inverness. They were very deceptive in everything they said and did, sales manager is even worse. They tried to dictate who I used as a lender. Delayed giving me a contract. Would not allow the same closing dates if I used my chosen lender and held me to a close date that could not happen in that short amount time, due entirely to their delays. I looked at the drainage... Read more

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Looking for homeowners interested in pursing a class action lawsuit against Gehan. Read more

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I have never been happier with my home building experience! This is the third home my husband and I have built and fell in love with the options Gehan offered; IE stone walls, beams, rustic touches. Our salesperson was Betty Dewoody and our builder/construction supervisor (sorry, not sure what they call his position) was Larry Spell. Those two went above and beyond their job, always providing me with answers to all my questions and letting me... Read more

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I had done my research for the DFW area and the number of homes that are being built and went with a Gehan home due to location, "positive reviews", and the sales representative. That is about where the positive stopped. Preferred Lender Initially I was going with their mortgage company due to all the "incentives" they offered. Closer review of what was offered was inflated fees to cover the incentives. - Chose a different lender. Quality... Read more

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We built with Gehan in Katy Texas late last year. We had to stay on top of them throughout the entire process. The sales lady Debbie and Construction manager Hector were a complete Joke. Debbie is beyond rude and just an overall nasty person who will bold face lie to your face. Hector's project managment is comical, he uses google to translate with the contractors. They in return have zero respect for him and ignore all of his instructions. (We... Read more

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Here's Gehan Homes in a nutshell: bad business, poor quality materials, over priced homes, terrible unprofessional management. They don't care about you once you sign a contract and they've your money. Stay away from buying their homes, and specially stay away from buying in Inverness Estates and that crazy rude salesperson there BETTY DEWOODY. I've never in my life met a twisted rude salesperson like her before, she knows nothing about customer... Read more

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