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I signed a contract with Gehan at Cypress Trails,Houston and with in 15 days due to my work case I have to relocate to Florida, when I ask for Earnest money refund, they claim they refund only when I lost job or loan dint go through. They say my case falls under default cancellation of contract.

In my case even design center appointment are not even completed or anything..nothing was done.

Apart form that sales lady was absolute rude and have no concern towards the customer.

Is Gehan solely making money of earnest money or what? other than concentrating the building quality?

I feel I was being ripped off...Gehan behaves sweet before contract and awful after the contract.

This company is total rip off...I would ever ever refer to anybody about Gehan.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I am experiencing even worse with Gehan. Seems this is their standard ops procedure.

Does anyone know an atty that has represented against them in the San Antonio area. I would like to hire them.

Spring, Texas, United States #1339249

They are liers because my husband lost his job before closing so we couldn't qualify for the loan and now I will have to fight for our $5k back


I totally agree!!! I am going through the EXACT thing now; it's just 7 days in between.

The sales person changed from sweet and kind to cold and uncaring.

I do understand when there is money spent on permits; however, in 7 days hardly think permits are purchased.

It takes much longer to get permits from the city. The portion of the earnest money used to pay support staff should not be allotted accordingly.

Riverside, California, United States #904538

I had a similar experience with ROBSON Homes (ROBSON Ranch) in Tucson, Arizona. Nothing related to building or plan check submittal was ever done (by ROBSON) and they had my earnest money for 18 months before I had to request a refund due to a personal situation.

The lot was still vacant and I had not even been to their design center. Additionally, I was then told by ROBSON that I could not attempt to sell the lot as the purchase was never completed and that the monies held were simply a non-refundable deposit. So they held and then kept my money but I did not own the property until a home was built on it and escrow had closed. Oh, and for any ROBSON supporter wishing to contradict my comment, the lot I purchased was in a future construction phase where construction was not scheduled for 18 months so I did not stiff them with inventory, they took my money and never looked back and I have heard this from other persons that went thru the same thing with ROBSON.

What a bunch of greedy, money hungry a-holes. My earnest monies was substantial and I would have been content to get a portion of it back but NO, the bastards at ROBSON refused to refund a cent!!

I will never visit a ROBSON community and this is a warning to everyone, don't sign anything with ROBSON even though they will try and sweet talk you into buying their product.

Other builders that I have talked to (Del Webb), have a refund policy if you cannot commit to a purchase providing that the potential buyer cancels in a specific time limit.


There are always two sides to every story and we know the story your telling is NOT the whole truth. Nor is it even true. What some people do for attention.

Houston, Texas, United States #876600

I've worked for a few builders and enjoy reading some of the reviews. Some of the complaints are legitimate...

this one is not one of them. The builder spends money initially on the permitting process, as well as internal work in their corporate office getting your home ready to be built. $3,000 doesn't nearly cover their time.

I am in no way a Gehan apologist... actually just the opposite.

But you are asking the builder to build the home you want, on the lot you want, with the structural options you want.

Now they have $3,000 and are stuck trying to sell your structural selections.


Totally agree, they are like you said after they have got you on the contract with the deposit earnest money!!! I have the same issue.

You need a lawyer. They will ignore you completely and you would not be able to contact anyone not even the sale manager!! Need to read the contract carefully with Gehan homes! I wish I read all these reviews before, if I did I wouldn't even step in their sale office.

Beware of this company!!! They are on the business aiming only first buy home customers! Watch out their short sale and that is when they got you down quickly without you having enough time to a thorough research about their company!

Don't ever listen to their words. They lie!!

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