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I purchased my Gehan Home in September 2004 and I would like to warn anyone thinking about purchasing a Gehan Home. If you want a quality built home that is also built to code then you better not buy a Gehan Home.

My nearly 4 year old home needs 22 piers according to the structural engineer I hired in November 2007. My home has structural failure and the retaining wall behind my home is bowing. Once the retaining wall go I can only imagine where my bad built house is going to go. My brick arch in the front of my home has separated and the bricks are barely holding on.

I have cracks in the ceiling, the walls are separating, the vinyl tile on my floor has separated, most of the doors have sloped, the brick steps leading into the back door has separated and are tilting, the ridge beam and roof joists in the attic are separating, and the list goes on and on. Do you still want to buy a Gehan Home? You better think again. How about I found out that the soils report used to design my foundation wasn't site specific.

Think about my home foundation wasn't designed for the soil that it actually sits on. You still want to buy a Gehan Home? You better think again. How about the fact that my home has dropped tremendously in value not just because of the economy but because of the condition it's in.

When I notified Gehan Homes of the foundation problems, I was told there were none. Do you still want to buy a Gehan Home? You better think again. I was told by the warranty department the resolution to my home problems were unrealistic.

I was told by the warranty department that they welcome the TRCC process. You know why? The TRCC cannot make a builder do s**t. There's nothing to stop a builder from building you a defective home and after you buy that defective home there's no laws to make the builder repair your defective home.

Do you still want to buy a Gehan Home???? You better think again, and again, and read this again and then decide if you want to spent a $100k or more on a home that you can't stand to be in or sale. My next home will not be a Gehan Home. If you do, I tried to warn you!


Review about: Gehan Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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Houston, Texas, United States #900314

Horrible company. They constantly change the prices of their homes and so not want to work with the buyer.

I also noticed cracks in the concrete of the gehan home I was going to buy. Glad I didn't


We built a Gehan home in 2002 and are now having issues with our warranty as well. They won't honor the warranty or even inspect the site to check our foundation.

We have cracks and a door that is sticking. Its been that way off and on since the first year we were in our brand new house. Gehan's response was to shampoo the carpets. That's right - SHAMPOO a carpet!

Cause that fixes a structural support issue. We had the home inspected by 3 independent foundation companies. All told us that we are dealing with a structural support issue (translation: the builder screwed up). When we called Gehan to address this (in 2004, 2005, 2006, etc.) they repeatedly said it wasn't their problem.

Foundation warranty doesn't address structural support issues. We have had to contact a lawyer to begin the arbitration process due to breach of contract/WARRANTY - because it clearly states that issues of structural damage on the part of the builder are Gehan's responsibility. I even have a notarized letter from them stating that they won't take care of my problem and to please leave them alone. WTH?

Seriously? I think not. If I don't do my job, I get fired. Gehan isn't doing it's job either.

So since I can't fire them - I will sue. I don't have any other choice.


I SO glad that I found this website because we are thinking about buying a home from them. I'm thinking NOT now!

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