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Deceptive practices and lies is an understatement. When you read about the company its all about how they are family owned and operated and how much they take care of people.

Well we were lied to and tricked into signing a contract then after we signed everything changed. They tell you what you want to hear and once they get you its all over. We talked to the president of the Houston division and he was more rude and unwilling to help us out basically telling us tough ***.

The sad part is that I am a realtor and they still would not treat me any different knowing that I sell and recommend homes in this community since I personally live here. I can guarantee you that I will be spreading the word to my fellow agents and will never take a client anywhere near Gehan Homes.

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Katy, Texas, United States #745522

hmmm... I bought a home in Katy and it was the best experience I've ever had..

Yeah, we had some ups-and-downs, but in the end it worked out perfectly.. We could not be happier..

Our Gehan neighbors share our sentiments. The entire process was wonderful


Just recently we requested for a home to be built in the Hutto, Emory Farms division. I had asked about zero down and that I wanted to apply using my VA benefits.

I was also promised and lied to by the builder. At the end they claimed that I forfeited my contract and now they only want to return half of my earnest money, which is $1000. I want the whole thing back $2000.

Is not my problem if I was pre-approved at the being and then not qualified at the end. Any suggestions on how to get my money back from them.

to Gehan Homes in Hutto #589192

For a VA loan, you actually have to include a paragraph in your contract that states that you can get your contract money back if you are pre-arpoved, but do not qualify. The wording is on the va website. If it was not in your contract, then they aren't legally obligated to give it to you.


do not buy a gehan home in little elm, tx. our agent as well as coorporate could care less about anything except for the agreement to buy.

we bought a home that not only had urination in it. beer cans and food all over the attic and upstairs area. We asked to be informed before any insulation was installed to make sure that everything was cleared out. Did not happen.

we asked to be informed before the sheet rock was placed. to confirm all wiring was correct. We were not and It was not. they did not install everything that we had paid for.

I.E. built in desk which caused a late closing. we have been ignored and disrespected by both agent and coorporate. We've been told that this is part of buying a house and that WE shouldn't expect everything to go as planned.

Well nothing has gone as planned. also they didn't send over all documents that were needed which caused us an even later closing.


to littleelm,tx #989179

I completely agreed. Stay away from Gehan.

The above statement is exactly the experience.

Plus more deception in the process. Very unprofessioal conpany practices!


So a realtor was tricked into signing a contract??? Well it soulds like you didn't get a contract signed by management and didn't get your way


And don't just walk... Run away from the one in Cedar Park, TX also. The builder is such a cheapo and a big dishonest, etc.


Gehan took my earnest money. They understood my situation in which i had to sell before i would buy...i felt pressured to purchase in 2 weeks and took my earnest money.

A day before, i got a call my deal fell thru on my other home so i couldn't close. I have not tried to recuperate the money as the sales counselor pretty much shut the door by phone. It had only been 10 days and they release the house back on the mkt.

Yet not cancel the contract. I am very upset.


they stole 2400.00 from us i would not recommend them to anyone


How does a real estate agent get "tricked" into signing a contract?

Just curious.


I will agree with person cause iown a house in Stone crest sub Division in Katy, Texas and they drink beer while they re buildinghousesand the project manager Don lets them do it and mostof the time they drunk and playing soccer i wish iwould of known this before i bought mine also my twosisters are realators and they are spreading the news not to buy any Gehan home period

to John Gordon #863224

I chuckled at your review because I too experienced this. Recently compared my home to the same plan in the neighborhood, and it was even worse than mine. Only good feeling I've had in the whole Gehan experience.


I AGREE! Don't buy a Gehan Home in Katy.

We've been lied to so many times and we're fed up and now hiring a lawyer to get our deposit and earnest money back.



Goog luck to you...I had similar experience when I bought Gehan home....Now a new set of problems. I have lived in a Gehan home since 2005..

I am seeing numerous cracks in the exterior brick wall mortar.

Cracks in the brick front porch....Cracks between ceiling and walls...cracks in the ceiling and walls....numerous nail pops and popping sounds in the walls and ceiling day and night. I wish I had not bought this house.


Sorry, my wife is actually the real estate agent but we were both buying the home together. This is more reason for them to have worked with us rather then selling us down the river. They should have stood by the their word and the original prices they gave us

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