Every tract homebuilder has a myriad of po'd consumers and then there are those who are basically happy that you don't hear from - so does anyone have anything good to say about Gehan?I am looking to purchase a home and Gehan is one of the builders to choose from - the other builder is Lennar.

They both have complaints on this site.

The Lennar homes are sold out of the lots for the model I want so Gehan is my option and I don't know whether to do it or not.Anyone happy with their Gehan and pleased with their purchase?

Monetary Loss: $1.


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My husband and I bought a Gehan Home and love it.They were great every step of the way.

Sites like this, that only ask for negative experiences, really hurt the consumer.

I love my Gehan Home and my neighbors who also love their Gehan Homes.


Don't do it, they are unethical, un lawful, and you will get a lot more than you pay for when you buy a home from these people.None of it is good!

If your looking..... look at how many houses they sold in the last 1 to 3 years, that are now back on the market, in a year or 2 years. It's not because the people are happy or satisfied!

it is because they should have run the moment they stepped into a gehan home.My advice, RUN,RUN,RUN!


Never again would I buy a Gehan home.Like the below post, 100% of our neighbors continue to have significant problems getting quality work done.

Our warranty work has taken over 5 months as of today (I remind you homes are built in 90-120 days) and is still far from done.Never again.

Buda, Texas, United States #677915

We bought a Gehan home in Buda TX and haven't had any issues with it.Our sales lady was awesome and always kept us informed.

If we had any questions, she was always prompt with her response. When we did a walk thru the Construction Supervisor helped us go thru the house and actually taped more imperfections than we did. About a month after we moved in, the bottom rail in our master closet became detached from the wall because it couldnt support the weight of the clothes. Turns out they didnt screw it into the studs.

My husband contacted the construction supervisor and he had a guy go out to fix it the next day. We also had some braker issues, again those were fixed the next day.

We have yet to have any issues getting anything fixed that needed to be.We love our house and our neighborhood.

to Anonymous Austin, Texas, United States #681488

Everyone in Elm Grove knows this post is *** but nice job trying to boost your image, Daxa.

Dallas, Texas, United States #667776

Any feedback for the frisco location? Looking to move to the shores at hidden shores, this site has be worried..thank you

to Jj Los Angeles, California, United States #710142

did anyone respond to you, I too am looking to purchase in Frisco and Gehan was the builder we were going to move forward with.

to Jj Frisco, Texas, United States #762074

Gehan built my home in Willow Bay in 2011.Sales and construction foreman did awesome jobs.

Options are way over priced. Home is Extremely energy efficient 4369 sqft/360K Last Aug elec and gas bill was $200.25!!! Their warranty SUCKS. Their warranty person's first words are that you need to file a claim with your insurance.

Have had 2 roof leaks one 3 months past warranty which they fixed after threatening to sue them. There was flashing that was missing. The second 11 months after warranty when the sleet melted.

This one is going to cost me two grand to fix by the time I get the roof fixed, wall replaced, and the carpet replaced.Doubt I would buy another Gehan product.

to Jj Dallas, Texas, United States #939465

Did you build with Gehan at the shores? We are strongly considering building, but a little concerned about the reviews.

Buda, Texas, United States #663671

We've had our share of issue with Gehan but are pleased overall.Every builder has problems.

Their homes are well built and you get a lot of bang for your buck, but I would agree that talking to owners in the neighborhood first rather than the sales agents will net you more accurate feedback. Also agree that you should get everything in writing prior to closing, keep your emails, and get an independent inspector to do a final walkthrough before you buy.

After closing, make sure you send in your warranty requests on time and be persistent but diplomatic.You catch more flies with honey.

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