My wife and I were really excited to buy our first home, we saved our money (which wasn't easy), saw a model home we feel in love with. As the house was getting built we already had issues with framing and just over all very bad workmanship.

They promote these model homes that look amazing, and sell you a very low quality home.

That to me is false advertisement, I want the type of home you promote, not a home full of issues. Our dishwasher leaked, bad wood work, paint issues, someone turned out sprinklers off and out grass died.

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Houston, Texas, United States #908144

Maybe you turned the sprinklers off and just need to complain about it. If you noticed your grass was not being watered maybe you should have taken your lazy butt outside to see why.

to Anonymous Richmond, Texas, United States #1330111

love your comment. I was thinking the same thing about his sprinklers.

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