we brought a home in the westwood community we were told that someone would come fix the repair we sent the form in to warranty nothing never happen.my home have cracks throughout the trim.we only been in our home 2months the pantry is caving in due to no support.master closest is coming out the wall due to they miss the stud.several door were the paint peel off with the wood.and to get someone out is impossibe.i donot recommend buying a home from them.they have poor craftmanship and poor customer services these people are full of it.

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Friendswood, Texas, United States #598920

Wow, I was going to build a Gehan home in Westwood until I read this stuff. I will still do some door knocking in the neighborhood to see what kind of warranty issues I might run across.


I want to thank the new guy Patrick for coming on board and taking Cate of the issue within a week.its good to know that you can find good people that care.we really appreciate everything once again thank you.I also want to thank Donna the sales rep for keeping In contact and following up we really appreciate you thanks for your time and hard eork. The Wrights 8)

to natasha Houston, Texas, United States #598196

I was interested in knowing if "The Wrights" were the complainants? I'm currently looking to build with Gehan and would like some assurance in things to come.


We are looking to buy a home in westwood... What street are you on?

What did they say when you asked them to repair it? Have you spoke with any of your neighbors if they have any issues with bad workmanship?

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