Bought the model home thinking we were getting a great deal. Turns out it was too good to be true. When we signed the contract, Gehan pushed for us to use their title company but we noted that we were using one of our choice instead. Gehan agent said "no problem" and had us put this on an addendum page. Paid our $1k non-refundable deposit. A week later we were told "no deal" unless we used their title company AND paid closing costs (illegal in Texas to force buyer to use seller's choice of title companies). We were stuck b/n a rock and a hard place so we lost that battle. Gehan conveniently left the addendum page off the contract.

Did final walkthrough with contractor and his assistant two days prior to closing. Noted all unfinished/repair items (broken fixtures, unfinished brickwork, sloppy paint, etc.). Contractor assured us it'd be finished the next day and advised that not signing the walkthrough form would cause delay with closing and we'd incur late penalty fees. So we signed it. Big mistake. Closed and moved in. Discovered none of the items had been done.

Contacted original contractor and agent. Waited weeks for a response. Agent advised original contractor has retired and his assistant (who was present and heard our list of walkthrough items) was the new head contractor. Emailed new contractor. Never got a response from him but he sent his new warranty guy over to explain how Gehan wasn't covering the majority of repairs b/c they were excluded from the warranty, even though these are not warranty repairs but, rather, items noted on final walkthrough that Gehan and the new head contractor knew about when we met the first time. He knows we're pissed off about this so instead of responding, this coward has repeatedly sent his new assistant over to do his dirty work for him and the original agent will no longer respond to our emails either. Was told by warranty guy that they won't contact the old contractor for verification of the items either.

Now we find out that the jacuzzi tub leaks water from one of the handles and the flange on that handle is warped, requiring repairs that include having to take out a wall to get to the internals. Handle leak was blatently covered up during walkthrough by contractor who'd filled the tub up and wiped away the leaking water so we wouldn't turn on the water and see the leak ourselves.

We're beginning to put 2 and 2 together now. Gehan lowered the home price, pushed for a quick sale, and deliberately hid repair items in order to unload the home. As soon as we closed, house became "our problem", not theirs. We were eager to move in and took some risks. Gehan now seeks out any opportunity to not be held responsible for items they were originally at fault for. The silver lining, however, is that we still have the chain of emails and copy of the original contract mandating us to use their title company. Checkmate, Gehan. See you in court.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Houston, Texas, United States #680083

No one "slams" or "scams" anyone. Furthermore, EVERY builder has arrangements with lenders and title companies.

Sales incentives have nothing to do with using any lender. Closing incentives come from using their lender. Gehan is an A+ rated BBB builder. Irony?

Please. As if any builder would drop a price because they didn't want to fix any defect or leak.. And for the record, I don't work for thm, nor am I affiliated in any way.. Again, they are an A+ BBB builder.

Have you gone to the BBB? I'd guess not

to Justice Austin, Texas, United States #681486

You claim you're not employed by Gehan. I'm fairly certain I know who you are.

Since I AM in the real estate business and have been for over 20 years, and since we both know who YOU are and what YOUR role in this matter is, let me remind you that while it is not illegal to offer incentives for using the seller's title company and lender (both of whom are owned by the builder), it is illegal in the State of Texas for the seller to make the sale of the house conditional upon a particular lender or title company. It is also a felony to conceal defects from the buyer. Google it.

And to clarify: The BBB is a pay-to-play organization. They are not a governmental entity.

Rather, they are a private 501 C (3) that charges a yearly membership fee in order to make it into their rating system.

Members are assigned A or higher ratings while non-member businesses are assigned less-than-favorable ratings. Gehan's A+ BBB rating means nothing.

to Central Texas Real Estate Prof League City, Texas, United States #685904
I agree with you Central Texas Real Estate Prof. :) Justice has to be affiliated.

hahaha! If not, I guess this person just woke up on July 13 and decided to be a spokes person for Gehan Homes due to nothing else better to do. That is hilarious! hahaha!

I can found something for that person to to do, come fix and pay for these problems we have with our home! I am a Gehan home owner and licensed industry professional as well. You are absolutely correct with everything you posted. We know the game and laws.

When we bought our home almost 10 years ago, I insisted on the same incentives and using my choice of title and lender. We got it because I am a licensed professional in our industry and the SALES PERSON WHO IS NOT A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL realized I knew the laws. I brought the info into the sales office. :) I have had EVERY PROBLEM YOU COULD HAVE WITH EVERY SYSTEM IN THIS HOME.

One of our AC Units needed to be replaced with in the first four years. IT WAS THE WRONG SIZE FOR THIS HOME. Too small. Everyone of our neighbors that own a Gehan home has had to replace their AC units by the fifth year.

Thaqt is extremely expensive. The plumbing throughout our home has been an issue since day one. Every sink leaked from under the cabinets. Every tub upstairs leaked to the downstairs.

Each toilet has a plunger next to it because NO MATTER what is or actually isn't being flushed, the toilet over flows. GEHAN DOES NOT STAND BY ANY WARRANTY. Needless to say, we have had to pay out of our own pockets for ALL REPAIRS AND REPLACEMENTS. I can not resale my home without doing the repairs because no one would buy the home with a failed inspection report or could even secure financing.

The buyers would have to pay cash and at a loss to me on resale value. The run around and pass the buck is HUGE for GEHAN. Time is a valuable asset and I did not or do not have the time to constantly get passed around like a hot potato. I have taken the loss.

I will never buy Gehan again.
Boerne, Texas, United States #667688

this post is pretty darn accurate.

Gehan is sneaky.

Gehan is not trustworthy.

Gehan stretches the truth.

Gehan does not care.

Gehan is shady.

Gehan turns over sales & foremen constantly; no consistency.

Gehan does not inspect what you expect.

Houston, Texas, United States #654068

OMG!! You all will win in court. .

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