Gehan homes took our earnest money and still hasn't refunded it after our financing fell through. This is a horrible company to try to work with.

DON'T get into business with them. They steal your hard earned money and don't blink an eye. Their salespeople are all liars. Buyer Beware!

Don't enter into a new hombeulding contract with them. If you don't get financed, they will never refund your money even though their lying salespeople tell you it is 100% refundable. They are dishonest crooks! There are so many complaints about the way this company does business because of a reason.

Think twice before you enter into "deals" with Gehan. They are crooks!

Crooks! Crooks.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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The sale person will relocate immediately and you won't be able to contact anybody at gehan homes. Not even the manager!

The gehan homes building is locked up so you cannot find a way to get in touch with them! I have the same problem and I think we all should gather and fight to get all back as one lawsuit!

Don't ever engage in business with gehan homes. BEWARE!!!


We ran into the exact same issue with them. We attempted to get an inventory home and the home didn't appraise.

We are still fighting with them for our earnest money. Pathetic!

Grand Junction, Colorado, United States #715396

Did you ever get it back? If so, how long did it take?

Houston, Texas, United States #711905

Most real estate contracts that aren't a builder (Gehan) contract allow for the return of your earnest money if your financing falls through. You could pay option fees for the upgraded items in the house but you shouldn't loss your earnest money. TRUE CROOKS for sure!!!

Houston, Texas, United States #641740

Earnest money is always at-risk, whether you pay initially or for upgrades. That's an industry thing, not a "Gehan" one..

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