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When looking to build I wanted a neighborhood that had a pool & parks (we have three young children). Gehan was a new community, nothing was built except the model homes - we were told the parks and pools would be in shortly and that we would not have to pay our home owner dues until they were constructed!

We have lived here now for three years (paying our dues each year!) without a pool or any parks. When we talked to our neighbors we found out we were all promised the same thing yet 1/01 we all received invoices for HOA dues.

When we contacted the builder we were told that the dues were being used to landscape the entryways and that they had turned the parks over to the city so they have no control as to when they will be built!

The estimated date to build our pool changes all the time - I have no hopes of getting one anytime soon.

When we drive through other neighborhoods near our home we see pools & parks being built along with the model homes - there is no reason why we shouldn't have what we are paying for - Gehan is greedy!

Signed uphappy in DFW

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Promised anemneties, didnt follow thru


They did the exact same thing in my neighborhood in Ft Worth/Keller area. We were supposed to have a park - and as soon as the neighborhood was finished they left.

No park!

It's been nearly 10 years since I bought my house. What a crock!


How can they get away with that much ***? Why do everyone in the neighborhood not get together and hire a good lawyer and suethe *** out of them? Don't ever let them get away , that's too many families that they are hurting .


What is the name of the subdivision that has no pool and park with Gehan home ?

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