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I would not recommend anyone to go with Gehan Homes. We are current Gehan Home owners, but the process was difficult and became even more difficult in gettting our warranty fixtures completed (which are still uncompleted). We never got a second walk through before...
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I had the same construction manager and wound up backing out 10 days before closing. I was gonna sue their *** for all my money back, but they gave it back after i got the ins...

After completion, and prior to closing we met, in the 'new' property, to go over the 'Homeowner Warranty' info. Basically, we were told Gehan is the BUILDER; if you have a problem with this call so-and-so; if you have a problem with XYZ, call ABC, etc....I...
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I liked
  • Floor plan and lot location
My wife and I were really excited to buy our first home, we saved our money (which wasn't easy), saw a model home we feel in love with. As the house was getting built we already had issues with framing and just over all very bad workmanship. They promote these model...
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Maybe you turned the sprinklers off and just need to complain about it. If you noticed your grass was not being watered maybe you should have taken your lazy butt outside to s...

Bought the model home thinking we were getting a great deal. Turns out it was too good to be true. When we signed the contract, Gehan pushed for us to use their title company but we noted that we were using one of our choice instead. Gehan agent said "no problem"...
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No one "slams" or "scams" anyone. Furthermore, EVERY builder has arrangements with lenders and title companies. Sales incentives have nothing to do with using any lender. Clos...

sounds accurate

this post is pretty darn accurate. Gehan is sneaky. Gehan is not trustworthy. Gehan stretches the truth. Gehan does not care. Gehan is shady. Gehan turns over sales...

Deceptive practices and lies is an understatement. When you read about the company its all about how they are family owned and operated and how much they take care of people. Well we were lied to and tricked into signing a contract then after we signed everything...
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hmmm... I bought a home in Katy and it was the best experience I've ever had.. Yeah, we had some ups-and-downs, but in the end it worked out perfectly.. We could not be happie...

Gehan Homes in Hutto

Just recently we requested for a home to be built in the Hutto, Emory Farms division. I had asked about zero down and that I wanted to apply using my VA benefits. I was also...


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