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Bought home in Inverness Estates and within 2 months they had to tunnel 20 feet under our home to repair a plumbing issue that I had pointed out BEFORE committing to buying the house. I was told they checked it before closing and the plumbing was fine. We were also...
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I didn't like
  • Negligent misrepresention
  • Being lied to
  • Deceptive practices
I am glad I did not complete the purchase we had contracted with Gehan in Inverness. They were very deceptive in everything they said and did, sales manager is even worse. They tried to dictate who I used as a lender. Delayed giving me a contract. Would not allow...
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Sorry,Short answer to your question:If I used ADVISA they would allow extra days without penalty for using their lender.If I chose an outside lender then any days past the clo...


"close date that could not happen in that short amount time, due entirely to their delays". That statement contradicts itself.If you walked then your escrow was never paid. D...

I liked
  • Location
I didn't like
  • Excuses
  • Advisa
  • Lies
Here's Gehan Homes in a nutshell: bad business, poor quality materials, over priced homes, terrible unprofessional management. They don't care about you once you sign a contract and they've your money. Stay away from buying their homes, and specially stay away from...
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I live in Inverness Estates and it is such a nice community except for the fact that Gehan is one of the builders. How about closing on your house only to find they didn't hook up the dishwasher? You tell them there is no water to the dishwasher and you receive...
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I'm sorry, I just saw these comments. Provide respond with your email or phone number and I will contact you.

***cerned Buyer

How can I get a hold of you?! I am reading this, just after we signed a contract! I am very upset! We too are building in Inverness Estates and our sales agent was Amy!

We signed a contract with Gehan homes expecting a 30-40 day start. WE showed up early to every meeting and had all paperwork in by day 15, so they wouldn't be waiting on us and we could help them meet their 30 day goal. By day 50 we were growing agitated - not a...
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Empty soda bottles seem to be a standard with most builders. Construction workers leaving their mark, so to speak.

Bob trautman

I have been looking at their homes in the Buda, Austin area. I have crossed this builder off of my list. Thank you all for taking the time to communicate how this builder fu...

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