In March of 2009, we put a $2,000 deposit on a new home in Keller, TX, with Gehan Homes. But, we could not get the financing agreed to, even with a 790 FICO score and 20% down, because we owned a second home.

It took five months to get our money back when our contract provided for a 30 day refund. For last four (4) months they lied to us several times about the check being in the mail, and they could care less about their contractual agreements or their customers.

In our opinion, Gehan Homes is a real low life company with dishonest people.

Laurence Simpson

Graham, WA

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Los Angeles, California, United States #1217529

At least you were able to get the deposit back. They stole mine.


Well the way the rules are on buying a second home you must have to have 20% down for investment property


There's more to this story than what's being told - I just bought a $250K Gehan home with ZERO down, a score of 700, and I own another home in NC with $100K showing due on the mortgage (but I could show rental income).

Something's not adding up here.

to KNW1 Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #745518

Agree completely. The other side of the story is probably more telling


We're having to hire a lawyer to get our money back. Stay FAR AWAY FROM GEHAN!

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